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Tips for a Pleasurable One-Night Stand

If you plan a one night stand with someone, you need to know some helpful tips to make it pleasurable. Sometimes, a one- night stand can end up in a nightmare if you are not aware of making it satisfying and safe. Nonetheless, you are at the right place to find out how to make a one night stand pleasurable.

Tips for a Satisfying One-Night Stand


It is incredibly crucial to communicate everything in detail to the person you wish to spend a one-night stand with. You can talk about the following things:

  • Your boundaries, for example, you will not switch to anal sex.
  • Safety – Tell the person you prefer safe sex. (Condoms)
  • Painless – Tell the person if you agree to be inflicted with pain or not.

Stay sober

Many people who opt for a one-night stand pleasure tend to consume a considerable amount of alcohol or any other substances that will make them high. However, this method can eventually lead to an unsatisfying sexual experience. However, you can indeed party but remember not to overdo while partying. 


BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Each of the words has a different meaning. Hence, it is crucial to communicate the do’s and don’t about BDSM beforehand. 

Stay safe

It is always advisable to know who is the person with whom you are going to spend a one-night stand. A stranger may take you to unsafe places, or worst they can do unexpected things with you, such as kidnapping you.

NOTE: Go with someone in whom you have full trust.

Ending Thoughts

Conclusively, a one-night stand can be incredibly satisfying if you follow the above tips. However, never compromise on your safety, and especially, do not choose a stranger for this kind of adventure.

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