How to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Living away from your partner is definitely bad for a relationship, especially for your sex life. Many situations may arise when you have to be away from your partner. Living in a remote location, you spend most of your time concentrating on your work and trying to adapt to the new surroundings. Consequently, this can have an impact on your relationship even though the technology is of great help for communication nowadays. Luckily using the same communication medium, you can keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Hot Games For Long Distance Relationship

Never Have I Ever

The famous “Never have I ever” can be a fantastic game for long-distance couples. Play the game with practically the same rule over text messages. Send your partner a situation or an act you have never done before. However, to turn the game sexy, instead of taking a drink, your partner has to send a picture to turn you on.

Mystery Pictures

Sometimes you need to be creative to spice up your relationship if you are away from your partner. Send mysterious pictures to your partner. You can have a random object or a part of your body in the photo. But remember to be creative to make the game more interesting. If your partner guesses the right answer, the latter gets a sexy reward like a teasing video.

Role Play

Role-playing can be practised in a long-distance relationship as well. Pick up your characters and contact your loved one. Flirt with your partner by impersonating your character. A further tip to spice up the situation is to choose a celebrity and a movie situation that your partner adores. Role-playing will definitely revive the heat in your relationship.

Final Thought

Do not let your long-distance relationship be boring. Take into consideration the above games, and you will witness your long-distance relationship heat up.

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