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First Time Bottoming: Anal Tips for Gay Men

You need to consider many essential things if you are planning first-time anal sex with a guy. Indeed, various thoughts will come into your mind as you will apprehend many things of how the session will be for the first time. The below guide will help you to prepare yourself for the first time bottoming.

How to prepare for the first time bottoming

Be mentally prepared

If you are a newbie, you undoubtedly need to expect that you will feel pain for the first few session. Hence, it is crucial to be mentally prepared for potential pain during the penetration process.

Watch Porn (Adult Sites)

If you are a newbie, you can consider watching some gay porn on the internet. Gay adult sites will help you to understand what to expect during the first time bottoming.

Talk about it

You need to discuss everything with your partner before going for the first time bottoming. Most importantly, do not forget to tell them that it is your first time. If you tell your partner about this, he will undoubtedly ensure to go slow with you.

Lube, Lube, and Lube

Anal can be painful if your partner’s penis and your anal pathway are not well lubed. Hence, do not forget to apply as much lubricant as you can. 

Use condom

Anal penetration can be less painful if you use a condom for the first time. Hence, ask your partner to use a condom and lubricant as this will your first anal-sex experience.


It is crucial to take a bath and clean your anal outer layer before going for the first time bottoming. It will undoubtedly prevent any potential disease from transmitting to your body.

Do not worry about the “want to poop” feeling.

During anal-sex, it is usual to experience the feeling of wanting to poop. That does not necessarily mean that you want to poop at that particular time. It is a normal feeling for a beginner. You just need to take it easy, and with time this thought and feeling will fade on its own. 

Ending Thoughts

As mentioned above, the tips will undoubtedly help you with having a satisfying first-time anal-sex as these are the fundamental tips to keep in mind.

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